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  • Something New, Something Beautiful

    Scout Reese McCauley passed from this earth on Saturday, January 5th from an aortic dissection due to complications of Loey-Dietz Syndrome. The McCauleys have been surrounded with love from friends and family and arrangements have been made. The family of Scout Reese McCauley will hold a visitation:   Saturday, January 12th from 1-4 PM CST 4544 […]

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  • I’m your miracle

    Something New

    in 2011 post Scout’s aortic root replacement    Five years ago, on June 11th Gabe picked up a camera and decided to shoot Scout’s exit from her stay at Johns Hopkins hospital after her aortic root replacement. She had been in for almost a month because of complications. We then got to bring her home to […]

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  • Annual Scans

    Horse Hero

      This past year.  Scout has been doing extremely well aside from a few set-backs and scares.  Some time this summer, Scout had a few episodes of headaches where she was screaming in pain.  From many trips to the ER, phone calls to the team in Baltimore, phone calls to her regular team here at […]

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  • Fear is a liar

    the pond.JPG

    In November, I was asked to write an article for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation’s newsletter.  I thought I would share it with you too, because it’s been such a theme in my life for the past 2 years.  Overcoming Fear.  It grips all of us in different ways.  This article may be written toward a […]

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  • Almost out of the Woods

    Fall Farm

    Things are looking a little more like our normal here in our house. Scout is on the mend from all of the things that hit her the past three weeks. It’s been a challenging few weeks, but we are starting to see a healthier, happier Scout. She still has some residual things that need to […]

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  • Keep it going


      Scout got out of the hospital yesterday. She was looking and acting better than she had in days (even singing “Eye of the Tiger” to herself on the way home). And then the clock struck 9:23 in the pm. And some new awfulness struck. Scout vomited off and on through the night. We went […]

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  • Love in the time of Pnuemonia


    As you may know, Scout has been hospitalized for pneumonia.  On Monday, I took her to the doctor because her cough was concerning to us.  That visit ended with an ambulance ride to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital E.R. They actually sent us home from the ER that day because her oxygen levels looked good(ish) and […]

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  • Field Report


    In these days of polished blogs that read things like “5 Reasons Why You Should Feel Bad About Everything You’re Doing”, this is not one of them.  This is a place for us to give you more info on Scout and our goal is plain: We want you to pray for her. I am not […]

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  • iPads are our friend in waiting rooms


    We are waiting to go back for Scout’s CT scan right now. Please pray for Scout to be brave through the process and that the results are that her body is stronger and healthier than any of us could have ever imagined. Thank You. All to the glory of God.

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  • The summer of her life

    We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday. In this previous post, you can see what was happening during the past 4 of those. But really here’s what I want to tell you about before my children wake up…hold on…one just woke up. I’m back, but I’ll try to make this quick. First let me tell […]

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  • Camp


    As I say often, we try to take advantage of the good days as much as possible.  While I’m putting this post together, Scout is sitting by me on the couch, with a fever, watching ‘Wonder Pets’.  She won’t admit she doesn’t feel good,  but a high fever is kind of a good indicator that […]