Today was a good day

Last night we finally got Scout to open her eyes. I think she was afraid to, but once she opened them, she found out it wasn’t so bad after all. We took her for a walk and tried to get her to look around. There are some nice spots at the children’s hospital here that are calming for the patients. They have a roof playground, and a koi pond and garden on the ground floor.

Today she woke up still pretty swollen, but we took another walk outside. It really helps to try to do “normal” stuff for the healing process to really go into overdrive. Also, we switched her pain meds from the hard stuff to just motrin. Once we did that, we really started to see Scout coming back.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. She has definitely made some excellent progress today. Many prayers of thanks for what we have seen.

We are now hoping that Scout has the will to at least start drinking again. She is still on IV fluids because she won’t really drink enough yet to keep her body hydrated. But look how far she’s come since only Friday. That’s pretty amazing. Medical Science and God are awesome. I’m a little too tired to write too much tonight so I’ll just leave you with these pics to show you what a difference a day can make.


Yesterday Evening



This morning


20120923-222037.jpgThis Afternoon



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  1. Aubree Clark says:

    Sweet girl! Glad she is feeling a little bit better!

  2. kelley p says:

    Awwwww! The pictures speak volumes. Thank you for those. Prayers continue

  3. Peyton-Leigh says:

    I’m so glad she is progressing well! We will continue praying! It’s awesome to truly see God’s hand at work.

  4. Kristen Childress says:

    I love Scout, and I’ve only met her once! You are wonderful parents:) Keep on fighting, little lady!! Prayers!

  5. These pics make me happy!

  6. Steph *spikes* McGee says:

    Sweet child. Can’t wait to make “soup outside” when she gets home!

  7. Kathy McGee says:

    So thankful for the progress. Take care of that sweet baby and take care of yourselves too.

  8. Aunty Lauren says:

    So glad to see my Scouty-pants feeling better. Our church family here is praying for her. We miss you all and love you so much!

  9. Trisha Ellis says:

    Love seeing that Smile! You all continue to be in our prayers. My kids are praying for her every chance they get. I love their sweet hearts and the concern that they are showing her and you guys.

  10. Karen Morgan says:

    God is good. SO happy she is progressing so well this time around with no complications. Grace, peace and blessings to you all.

  11. Troy says:

    So great to hear about the progress. She is such a tough little sweetie.

  12. Stacy Butler says:

    So thankful for these updates! Glad she is doing better and will continue to pray for her recovery. Hang in there!!

  13. Karen Holland says:

    God IS good, and so thankful he loves us. Positive thoughts for this precious little girl and her family.

  14. Darlene O'Neal says:

    I love seeing that smile on her face! Continued prayers for Scout to have a quick and as painless as possible recovery! You two are wonderful parents and I know she loves you very much for the loving way you take care of her. Much love <3

  15. Stephanie Moody says:

    I am so happy to read this post!

  16. Amy says:

    What a precious little smile, you all are so strong! Praying for your continued strength and Gods healing hand! much love!

  17. julie albritton isrel says:

    the “this afternoon” picture should be next to the word PRICELESS in the dictionary!!!!! i’ve been waiting to see her pretty smile…and it’s truly priceless!!!! wonderful to see the power of prayer in action!

  18. Mark and Carolyn says:

    Our prayers continue with you. Thanks for taking time to keep us updated. We love you all and may God always be with you.

  19. Mary Canady says:

    Praise the Lord!!!

  20. Tracy Richardson says:

    These pics brought both tears and a smile. What a little fighter you have….and isn’t God just amazing? Continuing to pray.

  21. Hi, I am David & Athena JOhnson’s Mom and GGB’s Gramma. Want to wish you the best and let you know I am praying every day for your beautiful daughter to heal and for continued strength and help for you and the rest of your family. Thank God for listening to all our prayers!

  22. Ann Hammond says:

    Good to see Scout is improving. Lots of prayers for you all and for the love and dedication of tired parents. Love yall.

  23. Hello :) I am David Johnson’s sister and have been following your family’s journey. I am so happy your sweet baby girl Scout is doing so well. I am praying for great healing strength for Scout and strength for you both as you take care of your sweetie. I cannot imagine how physically and emtionally difficult it must be. I will continue praying for your family and send much positive thoughts and healing energy. Take care, Vicki

  24. Gwen Valiquette says:

    So glad my sweet Scout is doing better

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