The next course of action

Posts are harder to make these days, so stop judging me right this second for grammatical, spelling, and other errors you may find within the following…

Once I felt like I had a grip on the newborn and Scout thing, I knew we had to schedule Scout’s next procedure. It started to become very apparent that it needed to happen pretty soon. Scout’s teeth are decaying at an incredible speed. She’s 3 and most of her teeth look rotton. This is probably because she may not have very strong tooth enamel. This is all speculation, but it seems pretty plausible to me. She complains daily about her teeth hurting and then proceeds to tell me she does not need medicine or want to go to the dentist. We are at a very tricky place. We want her to tell us if something is hurting her, but we don’t want her to be afraid to tell us because she’s afraid of doctors or medicine. We thought that a teeth capping and extraction was farther down on the list of things that should be done until they are causing her pain. But I guess it’s time. And so here is the course of action and why it’s going down like it is:

Scout has a history of complications from being intubated. Because of that, we wonder what is the greater risk, multiple procedures done together, or single procedures being intubated for each. We are hoping the former is the right decision. Scout has multiple things that could be done to improve her quality of life, or to prevent worse things from happening down the line. On the top of the list is that she still has a hole in the roof of her mouth, her eye muscles are weak, and now her teeth are bothering her when she tries to eat or drink. She already is underweight, and there are so many factors that are or possibly are contributing to why she has difficulty eating. A hole in your mouth and sore teeth are obvious. There are also speculations of stuff going on in her throat that may hurt her when the food is going down. The term eosinophilic esophagitis has been thrown around.

Scout will have at least a five hour surgery next friday, September 21st, and here is what will be done.

1. Strabismus

2. Some kind of teeth pulling and capping the ones that can be saved

3.Cleft Palate repair

4. an endoscopy


We’ve been told that they will want to keep her in the hospital for 23 hours to keep an eye on her. When we hear 1 day, we expect AT LEAST 3 for Scout. We have to so that we don’t get frustrated and scared when things don’t go exactly as planned. And let’s be honest…they never do.


We would be grateful if you would remember Scout and the medical staff in your prayers. Specifically, that each procedure done is successful, that Scout’s body can handle the anesthesia and intubation, as well as the stress that her body will have to endure, and for Scout to not be afraid. The older she gets, the more she understands what is happening, and she sure doesn’t like it. We would also appreciate prayers for Gabe and I. That we can be godly, graceful, to have peace through all it, and to walk in love.

We know there are so many trials that so many of you are facing right now, and we are praying for you. I know that even in dark times, there can be blessings that you may not see yet. We pray for light.


Some recent pics for you.


Ash sleeps in the observation room during Scout’s speech therapy.


This is how Scout thinks she is supposed to get her brother to smile


Scout and her classmates graduate from First Steps




Facetime with the Schmoop who lives in Dominica while her dad goes to medical school. She called when Scout was at the Cardiologist, so she got to watch the check-up. Despite the circumstance, Scout was so glad to see her friend.




We have tried to make eating fun, so that Scout will actually WANT to. Here is Gabe in a ridiculous headband coaxing a bite. Trying to get Scout to eat is an exhausting job, and by the end of the day, I’m thankful Gabe still has the energy to make it fun.



enjoying those little moments



Still very much in love with Lions. I love when she does this.



As much as I think baby graduations are ridiculous, it kind of changes my mind when it’s a group of kids that have faced so many challenges in their short life.