So, lets talk about teeth for a sec. One of the procedures done during Scout’s surgery in September was a tooth extraction. The dentist wouldn’t know exactly what she was dealing with until she was able to really get inside of Scout’s mouth and get x-rays and all of that good stuff. So Gabe and I were definitely expecting some teeth to be pulled. Scout complained daily about her teeth hurting.

I got a call during Scout’s surgery from the phone in the waiting room from her dentist. She said something like, “It looks like I can only save two teeth. Do you want to keep them, or do you want me to pull those too?” I was all like, “(calmly)…all but two.” For some reason this was still kind of a shock to me that THAT many teeth were bad. Of course when that call came, Gabe had left the area to do something at the time, maybe a potty break, helping with Ash, make a phone call or something, I don’t remember, all I know is that I had to make a decision quickly and without him. And so I had another question for the doctor- Well, it was more like an answer question, “…Keep theemmm? I don’t know, what do you think?” Doctor Alex answered quickly, “I think it would be better to keep them, but I want you to think or be prepared about how she will look.” I could answer more concisely knowing it was a cosmetic thing “Keep them”.

So when Gabe returned to the room I took him aside to tell him. Like most things that happen with Scout, it all needs to soak in for a minute before we react and we bring ourselves back to the proper perspective. Our friend Scott had very recently just lost his leg in a construction accident, and another dear friend had a sudden heart-attack at the age of 34 leaving a wife (also dear to us) and two little girls, there was an 8 month old little boy named Andrew, in that very hospital who hadn’t seen the outside world because he was waiting and then recovering from a heart transplant, and our friend Erin and her kids are facing a new life they had never expected. Once we thought about that, it was so easy to say. “It’s just teeth.”

After Dr. Alex was done with her part of the procedure, she had a conference with us to tell us how it all went. Of course Gabe, being Gabe second guessed the decision of keeping the two teeth. Dr. Alex said teeth is bone and she would like to keep that bone there if it’s salvageable. I wondered how Scout would eat, and if there were dentures or something she could wear. Dr. Alex said that there would have to be something to root the dentures to, so no, she will just manage with these two teeth until her adult teeth come in. We talked about some more things, and then she gave us a small manilla envelope that contained the extracted teeth.

Fast forward a few days later. Scout had been released from the hospital. Gabe had looked, but I finally had the emotional strength to look at the teeth in said envelope. He showed me one by one. It.Was.Remarkable. The pain that she must have been in. I cried thinking of how she went through so much pain and how well she handled it. I don’t know how she functioned. Think about when you have a bad cavity and how much it hurts. Now think about just about every tooth in your mouth being absolutely rotton. Some of those teeth decayed all the way down to the root.

Let me tell you. She doesn’t eat candy or chocolate (she likes the idea of them, but won’t really eat them), we brush her teeth (but she would cry when we did because of the pain), and she’s not doing meth.

How does this happen? You may ask. Well I’m not sure, but our guess is that her body just doesn’t make the tooth enamel it needs to protect her teeth. Plus, maybe the daily meds she’s on contribute to that as well. What about her adult teeth? Well, we’ll just have to find out. Of course there is nothing else I know what to do except pray that they are stronger when/if they come in and of course the normal dental hygiene stuff).

It didn’t take long for us to get used to her new smile. It makes me teary-smile back at her most of the time. In my opinion, it’s pretty adorable. We had to figure out how we were going to explain to her why she didn’t have any teeth anymore. She was pretty cool with, “Remember how much your teeth hurt? Do they  feel better now? ” I’m not too big on making a big thing about Santa, and the tooth-fairy and whatnot, but that tooth-fairy came to our rescue in this instance. Scout had been watching the Yo-Gabba-Gabba episode about the tooth fairy ALOT before the procedure (on her own mind you). Her understanding on what happens is that the tooth-fairy comes, takes your tooth, she gives you two gold coins, and a kangaroo.

So, the tooth-fairy came. Her cousin, on his own accord, wrote the above letter explaining Scout’s situation to the fairy of teeth. She’s only visited once so far. We don’t want to overwhelm Scout like, ‘here is a mouthful of your teeth, and here’s a million dollars’. Plus she’s three. The only way she would expect lots of money and presents is if we made her think that she should expect lots of money and presents. Don’t get me wrong, Scout deserves the best. And we try to give her the best, but in other ways.

Since her surgery, her speech has improved. I can tell she has more confidence in herself in many ways. And she’s sillier and plays much, much more. My theory is that she was in so much pain before, that she didn’t know what feeling good actually felt like.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for our girl and our family. We have a big surprise in the coming weeks for Scout and once we let her know about it, then we’ll keep you up to date on that adventure. So mums the word with Scout if you know, K?
Peace, love and light to you all. We are grateful for you. And we are prayerfully thankful for the ways that you all are in our lives and the ways you help Scout.



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  1. Kathy says:

    You are the best! We love all of you!

  2. Kristi Blankenship says:

    So stinkin cute! I could just eat them both up!!!

  3. Her smile is indeed adorable!

  4. Trisha says:

    That is an adorable smile! I love, love, love Zane’s letter to the tooth fairy for Scout! How precious!

  5. Tonya says:

    In case you ever wonder, you are most definitely giving her the best.
    I don’t know who’s more blessed, you with her or her with you.

  6. Katie says:

    I’m glad to finally hear that she’s not doing Meth. Load off my mind.

  7. I so enjoyed being with you guys recently. Scout is indeed, adorable, and sweet and smart and funny and lovely and gentle etc, etc, etc. You guys are doing a difficult and fantastic job with such saneness. I admire you to a quadrupled degree than before. That Ash is such a sweet, pleasant little chunk. I love you all.

  8. Shannon and Rachael says:

    How wonderful! We are so happy that she is happier!
    When Julianna saw what I was looking at, she immediately climbed up and said, “WAIT! I didn’t know you were looking at that! Oh! She’s so cute! She’s all better! She had her baby brother already!”
    Every SINGLE prayer Julianna says (or we say, with her whispering “don’t forget Scout!”) goes something like this: “Thank you that Scout is not in the hospital and help her to get better and thank you that she is better from her surgery.” She is SO in love with Scout. “I really like Scout, you know that?” she just said. So she has a fellow three-year-old pulling for her, praying for her, and loving her, even though they’ve never met. Pretty amazing, what an impact your girl has had, I’d say!

  9. Becca says:

    I’m glad you answered the meth question, because that was my first thought…

  10. Elaine Paula says:

    We never know our strength until we need to use it! You are amazing and your little girl will steal quite a few hearts! (I think she already has!)

  11. Stephanie Moody says:

    As always, beautifully written! I love her grin!

  12. What a great big sister smile! And Ash…he knows his part. God knew what he was doing when he trusted them both to you 2.

  13. Kimberly&Colbs says:

    Well, of course I LovE IT! She is perfect in every way and *I* cry to think about her being so happy without all the pain. What’s even better is that she hopefully isn’t old enough to remember all the pain she had to endure. In a few years she will be like “I don’t even remember that, Mommy!” YAY! What graces and mercies the LORD has bestowed upon your family. We thank God for your beautiful examples of enduring faith and fortitude in the face of trials and hardships. The Lord knew who you two were BEFORE He blessed you with Scout. HE KNEW that you were the ones who could have the strength to bring glory to God the Father. Your lives are such a testimony of HIS love. xoxox

  14. The Spences says:

    We are full of joy and amazement and wonder at the progress Scout has made. God is so awesome and so are you guys. Can’t wait to see what her surprise is – although we think we could guess it in three tries or less. :)

  15. CeeCee says:

    Yep, she’s about as cute as can be and so is Ash and I just love that Zane. He is also extremely cute and handsome.

  16. The Richardsons says:

    Well, just seeing that painless smile is worth a million bucks. The rest of Scout’s family is pretty fabulous too.

  17. Cindy says:

    Scout is my hero!

  18. Kathleen says:

    Bless this child and bless you. I have a granddaughter with special needs so I fully understand the heartache that comes when you want to protect your child from ANYTHING that might cause pain. Sometimes you just can’t. Like you said…it’s only teeth. Your attitude and trust in God will carry this baby through the tough spots. You’re doing a great job…keep on keeping on. :)

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