recovering at home

Getting home from the hospital is just one of the steps in the healing process. We are just so glad that Scout did well enough to come home so soon (in Scout terms). She’s having very grumpy/moody times but we are also seeing that smile too. She needs a lot of extra hugs and snuggles right now. Gabe’s mom and my sister have been here all week to help with Ash, Scout’s bro. I cannot even fathom how we could function right now without their help. Gabe had to go back to work immediately, so I would have been left to try to handle a little girl in a lot of pain, and a 3 month old all by my lonesome. So we are very grateful for their presence. Scout still has a ways to go with her body healing, and then she has some new challenges ahead of her. She will have to re-learn how to speak and eat. She has two teeth and that hole in her mouth is hopefully closed up for good.


Scout and Aun-T. Not sure why there are 900,000 electronics out all at once,  but whatever keeps her content right now is fine with me.

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  1. Debbie McCauley says:

    I have a bit of a memory problem… are you sure that isn’t me with Scout?? Sure looks like it could be me… Thankful she’s well enough to be grumpy and need extra hugs so quickly (for Scout time) and that you’ve got extra arms there to help accommodate everyone’s needs.

  2. Stephanie Moody says:

    So happy she’s home and that you have great help! Praying for a good recovery with no setbacks or problems, and also for her adjustment period to go really well!

  3. gina boyd says:

    sweet pic thanks for sharing! glad u have some family there to help!!

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