Quick Update


There is much to tell you about Scout’s activities, but we wanted to just give you a quick update.

Scout will not be having surgery tomorrow, for reasons we will explain for a longer blog post later.

She did have an ER trip on Thursday night because of a high fever and labored breathing, but we are home now and watching her closely.

We are all battling the same funk in the house, but Scout’s lil’ body can’t handle it as well as most. I think the scary part is over for her, but we wouldn’t mind a prayer or two for her to get better fast.

We’ll give you a big fat update soon. I promise.

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  1. Debbie Reeves Lanphear says:

    Hope she is feeling better soon. It is always so hard and kinda scary when they are laboring to breath. (Gabriel struggled with asthma and we made several emergency trips to the hospital over the years.) We’ll say prayers. Thanks for letting us know. Love you.

  2. Beth says:

    Praying for a quick recovery.

  3. Kate Jurgens says:

    Oh man. Hang in there. totally get it. ANything we can do for you from up here?

  4. Kathy McGee says:

    Prayers continuing! Breathing is so important! :) Hope her caregivers are ok. Do you need a special delivery??

  5. Rachel Martin says:

    Hugs to you all, hoping breathing eases and Scout gets a break xx

  6. Debbie McCauley says:

    She is so pretty! Prayers for you all.

  7. Mark and Carolyn says:

    Our love and prayers are with each of you everyday.
    Hope today has been a good day for all. Love you.

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