Love in the time of Pnuemonia


As you may know, Scout has been hospitalized for pneumonia.  On Monday, I took her to the doctor because her cough was concerning to us.  That visit ended with an ambulance ride to the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital E.R. They actually sent us home from the ER that day because her oxygen levels looked good(ish) and her X-ray looked not too bad, but still she was being treated for pnuemonia although it wasn’t too concerning.  We had a follow-up Tuesday with Scout’s pediatrician.  At this point, we all were still hopeful she could lick this thing at home, but she would be followed closely.  Thursday, we had another follow-up at the pediatrician and at this point, another ambulance ride was in order, and Scout’s doctor said,  “I’m not letting you leave the hospital this time”.  Scout’s body is just so tired from trying to fight the infection that she needs more help than we can give her at home.  Her spirits were very low on Thursday when she was admitted.  She isn’t talking much.  She has no will to eat or drink, and doesn’t want to get out of the bed, let alone play.  We ask of you, if you will, to pray for not only the destruction of this infection and pneumonia, but also her spirit to be renewed.  She’s showing some tiny improvement this morning,  but it is going to be a very slow process of recovery for a little body with weak connective tissue.  Thank you, friends.  We love you.


Ambulance ride #1


Ambulance Ride #2


FaceTime with Dad and Ash from the ER

20140215-114555.jpgValentines day at Hotel Vanderbilt

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  1. Vanessa Moore says:

    Poor little sweet girl!! I hope her spirits are renewed soon and that her body heals quickly! Will be praying for her and for you all too!

  2. Drew family says:

    Love you all and praying for sweet Scout!

  3. elaine metcalf says:

    your little love is so darling ~ so dear and so loved -praying for renewed strength and will to push through. She has so many people in her life to rally for her.
    our prayers and thoughts are with y’all.

  4. Aunt Viola Horsley says:

    Just to let you know we are always praying for all of you but will be praying also for her will and strength to be renewed. Prayers and love to all

  5. Karen Mirgan says:

    Much love and continuing prayers for my beloved Scout. Heal quickly little one.

  6. Susan L Long says:

    Praying for this precious child for a full recovery.

  7. Rose says:

    Scout, please get well soon so we can have another dance party in your room. Love, Rose

  8. Kristie Gore says:

    We’re praying for you Scout!!!

  9. Dilara says:

    Dear Scout,
    I hope you have a very nice day a the doctor. It’s too bad that you have to go to the doctor. I hope that you get out of the doctor’s soon so I can play with you and you can come to church.

    I love you and I miss you.

    From, Dilara

  10. Lydia says:

    Of course, the “nice day at the doctor” is a day when the doctor says, “You get to go home now because you are better!”

    Praying and sending lots of love.

  11. Lydia says:

    I see that there are lots of pretty balloons in her room. Hope there was room for more, or at least room at home for them.

  12. jeanne dorton says:

    Dear Gabe and family, I want you to know that I will be praying fervently for Scout to heal quickly from this infection,and also,that she will find as she is feeling better that her sweetheart will be once again joyful and happy :)

  13. Jake Dorton says:

    Thinking and praying for you all! Please let me know if you all need anything!

  14. Stephanie Moody says:

    So sorry Scout is sick! Thank you for letting us know so we could pray.

  15. Cara Conley says:

    Prayers for your sweet girl!

  16. Linda Ruegg says:

    Sending our love your way and offering prayers for Scout and your family.

  17. Ann Arie says:

    Nancy told us about Scout today. We will certainly keep her in our prayers. So sorry she is having yet another battle to fight.

  18. Angie Harrison says:

    Praying for y’all during this rough patch. My little girl, Eliza Jane, says to Scout, “watch Elmo, he so funny!”

  19. Joshua Johnson says:

    Stay strong! I will definitely being saying prayers! God Bless!

  20. Patty Norford says:

    Scout is in my prayers that she overcomes this pneumonia and is back to doing what she likes to do.

  21. Susan Ciampa says:

    Scout, we are sad that you have pneumonia and are praying that you will be well very soon!

  22. Camille Pickering says:

    Lifting sweet Scout in prayer! Prayers for her parents stamina, too.

  23. Mary Canady says:

    Hugs and prayers for all the family. Much love to you precious people!!

  24. Marla Wise says:

    Mandy and family, we have you all in our prayers!

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