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Scout got out of the hospital yesterday. She was looking and acting better than she had in days (even singing “Eye of the Tiger” to herself on the way home). And then the clock struck 9:23 in the pm. And some new awfulness struck. Scout vomited off and on through the night.
We went to the doctor this afternoon. We’re all in agreement that this is a new virus she picked up in her health care happenings this past week. We are all as a team, trying to keep her out of the hospital, but she really can’t keep anything in right now (including the meds she’s taking to get rid of the pneumonia). Please keep praying for Scout. She’s had a rough handful of days and her body is already so weak.  Pray that she has a significantly better night tonight and that this virus is over tonight.  This kid needs a break.


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  1. We are praying for her here in Baltimore. We’re praying for her strong parents, too.

  2. Aunt Viola Horsley says:

    Continuing to pray for Scout and all of you!! Love to all

  3. Amy gamester says:

    I am so sorry- she does need a break and I am sure you do too! Praying.

  4. Elaine Paula says:

    Praying fervently for this sweet girl

  5. Patty Norford says:

    Oh poor sweetheart. Yes,I will be keeping her in my prayers

  6. Amy says:

    Poor sweet Scout. Praying for all of you,

  7. Mark and Carolyn says:

    Love and lots of prayers from WV. Sure hope all of you can have a restful night. God be with you and give you strength and a good day tomorrow.

  8. Aubree Clark says:

    Praying for her to feel better soon!

  9. Mary Canady says:

    Indeed! Scout AND her family need a break!!

  10. Meg Williams says:

    Praying for quick healing from this new virus. Thanks for honestly sharing bits of your real life with us, and not just putting on the “fine” face. Praying for His extra measure of strength for the moments when you just can’t be strong in your own, and for even more love to pour out on your family when you need it.

  11. James Buchanan says:

    We pray for Scout and the rest of you everyday. May God continue to help you through this.

  12. Aunt Viola Horsley says:

    Hope your feeling better today and you had a goodnight. Try to eat some of your favorite foods and always know you are in my prayers precious niece !

  13. Susan Matthews says:


  14. Brenda Head Foley says:

    Praying for Scout and for the family. Praying the God will give you peace and rest. Hugs from the Foley’s in Tennessee!

  15. Marla Wise says:

    I hope last night was better. Please continue to let us know how she is–praying for you all.

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