Holding Room


Waiting in the holding room. They took her back for surgery about 20 minutes ago. We would appreciate it if you remembered to pray for Scout through the day today. See last post for more specifics. Thank you all.

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  1. The Spences says:

    Prayers for Scout, the lionheart, going up all day. Keep us posted.

  2. LH says:


  3. Tresa Meier says:

    Praying for Scout and your family today. May God watch over her and bless the doctors with wisdom and endurance as she goes through her surgery. Love you all.

  4. Debbie McCauley says:

    Prayers for successfull surgeries and comfort for Mom and Dad while waiting… Love to you all!

  5. Karen Holland says:

    Praying for healing and the “peace that passeth all understanding” for parents, family, and Scout.

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