Scout is still trying to recover from whatever this gruesome little bug is that we all caught. Gabe needed to travel for work on Sunday night (bad timing), but we were both still worried about Scout. So I asked him if he could at least try to leave on Monday morning to see how Scout faired through Sunday night (no emergencies or anything). So he did, nothing bad happened. On, Monday night, Scout started to complain that her chest hurt while grabbing it. Of course, my mind skipped any thought of rational explanation to – heart attack. But I remained calm, and waited, and she seemed to be fine-ish and breathing well. So, we made it through the night. Tuesday, she started doing the same thing. I called her pediatrician and the cardiology clinic so they could put my imaginative mind at ease, which they did, but suggested I bring her in to the pediatrician just to take a look-see on Wednesday.

On our visit, her pediatrician discovered an ear infection (a first for Scout) and…wait for it… pneumonia. What?! This whole time I thought we would leave the office with the knowledge that I just have a vivid imagination. Well, I might, but the good news is, it’s not cardiac arrest or anything, just pneumonia (cue trombone wah-wahs). But really there is some good in this. We were sent home, and as Gabe arrived back from his trip, I sent him out to the pharmacy for the prescribed antibiotics and some ice-cream (I am pregs). But really there are some positives. We are at HOME. Not in a hospital room where they would insist on all the wires, hourly vitals, and the uncomfortableness of it all. We are trying to treat this at home where she can hopefully be comfortable and happy in her own bed (or ours, she usually chooses ours). P.S., we think her chest just hurts from coughing a lot. It HAS been cut open and sewn back together you know.

20120308-151406.jpgBored and tired – Another pic from last Thursday’s ER visit.

Last Thursday when we took her to the ER, the x-ray of her lungs was clear, and her ears were fine. Things can change in a week. It’s just another lesson for us that we really DO need to be more careful where Scout is concerned, which is always a line I walk very carefully. Her body just can’t handle these bugs like we can. And physically…well, that’s another post. So, if you think we are paranoid parents, we probably are, but we have reasons. Don’t get offended if I sanitize stuff around you. It’s becoming way more apparent to me that it may be more necessary than I want it to be. But I DO want her to be able to get dirty and all that good kid stuff too. We’ll just call it as we see it I guess.

We would love it if you would say some prayers for the destruction of this pneumonia. As much as I try to avoid antibiotics, I am grateful for them when they are actually needed. Thank you all for your continued support of our girl. We really do appreciate you.

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  1. Meredith Moeller says:

    Goodness–poor little baby! Nothing’s worse than when our little ones are sick, and that is compounded for you guys. She looks like such a little trooper in this picture, though. Plenty of other kids would be screaming their heads off or throwing tantrums. Lots of prayers and good thoughts going out to you guys! Get better soon, Scout!

  2. Elizabeth Ellis says:

    Praying for sweet Scout and you guys! And… CONGRATS… I didn’t know #2 was on the way =0)

  3. Trasha says:

    Prayers coming your way. A few months ago I decided to keep little Scout (and her Mama and Daddy) on my permanent prayer list. I love to hear fun and healthy stories of that little bit of Sunshine. Sorry that she isn’t feeling well, but praying she is better soon! Love yall!

  4. Debbie Reeves Lanphear says:

    So…so sorry to hear that Scout is suffering from pneumonia. I have already said a prayer. Mary Ann told me about seeing you all at the airport the same time as they were getting Curtis off. The Lord must have known that you needed an extra hug that morning and a smile from loved ones. Sending hugs your way from us too!

  5. Melissa Shell says:

    There was an audible, collective gasp when this was announced last night at bible study so I know several are saying prayers for y’all, us included. Love, the Shells

  6. becca says:

    she’s beeautiful. love yous guys.

  7. Mandy, Gabe, Scout and Little One…I am in awe of y’all. Love and prayers without end.

  8. Kate Jurgens says:

    BUMMER. Prayers done. Hang in there. Be calm and carry on, right?

  9. CeeCee says:

    Thank you, God, for all these wonderful people that talk to you about Scout.

  10. Aleisha Edwards says:

    Praying for your family!Hope Scout feels better soon!

  11. Jeanne Culp says:

    Praying that Scout has a super quick recovery! Take good care of yourself too, OK? Love you!

  12. polly hosay says:

    Hope the sickness passes quickly and that those little lungs improve soon!

  13. Rose says:

    hope the ice cream and antibiotics do the trick! <3

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