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  1. Darlene O'Neal says:

    She looks SO GOOD! I am so happy and thankful you got to go home! Love to sweet Scout!

  2. Meredith Moeller says:

    I cannot believe what a little trooper she is! She looks beautiful. I am so happy for her, and you, that she gets to go home now!

  3. Alarie says:

    Fantastic news! What amazing healing she is doing!

  4. Karen Holland says:

    Wow, truly a little trooper! God is so good!

  5. Katie Mc says:

    My heart is exploding with joy! I know there is still recovery to be had, but home is wonderful.

  6. Peyton-Leigh says:


  7. Kathy McGee says:

    The best news!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. . .

  8. Karen Morgan says:

    Beautiful, Sweet, Angel girl. Love you Scout.

  9. Dee Anderson says:

    So glad that she is home. Home is the best place to get better! I try to keep up with her news from your mom. What a little trooper which is just like her mom! Remember Karate?

  10. Yay for all!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Love that she was able to rest/sleep in the comfort of home. Hope that you all were able too as well. The Hart House has been praying fervently for all o fyu. So thankful that things have gone smoothly and pray that they continue to do so. Love you guys.

  12. Carol Roberts says:

    Fabulous, I hope all of you can enjoy real rest at home.

  13. Alli O'Neal says:

    Yay! Sweet beautiful girl! So happy for her, and we’ll continue praying for a smooth recovery! :) Big hugs and lots of rest-well wishes!

  14. Julianna Price says:

    I love you, Scout. I am sending you a message today and I hope you feel better. We pray for you every time. I love you, Scout. Love, Julianna

  15. Gina Boyd says:

    I love this little girl and you all so much
    I hope she recovers so fast. Thank you for being the best parents this sweet baby could ever ask for. You are all a inspiration to everyone. Love and miss you guys

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